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The Château d'Humières Golf Course, located 10km north of Compiègne in the Oise, is spread in a wooded park of 56 hectares.

Covered in red bricks and pierced by large windows, the stone walls flanked by towers and turrets give Château d'Humières charm and character: the seventeenth-century building dominates the golf gardens and fairways.

A site steeped in history held with passion by the owners, offering golfers an exceptional welcome a few minutes from the imperial city of Compiègne ...


Golf Course

Drawn in the park of the Castle of Humières, the course offers a walk at the same time sporting and convivial. You will need to be strategic and choose your clubs. The course will ask you questions throughout the 18 holes, either on the way out or back. At the foot of the Club house, you will start at hole n ° 1 and soon you will discover that our greens are well defended. Bunkers but also ponds and other streams will be obstacles to cross or bypass before you can get your putter bag. You will go down, you will go up but above all you will take advantage of the course which is outlined in the middle of a still very preserved nature. Here, once a French garden has welcomed many visitors. Today it has given way to another garden, that of golf enthusiasts.

Score Card

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Hervé, Rossignol, Pro of the Golf of Château d'Humières offers you his advice to best address any difficulties you may encounter on our course.

"Good players can try to attack this green in 1 shot otherwise play safety before the water hazard."

"The face-off must absolutely be on the left side of the fairway to attack this raised green, so do not hesitate to take one more club, the average players will play it in 3 moves."

"Focus on the left side of the fairway for easier attack of the green."

"You can let the horses go, but be careful on the left side."

"The tactic is de rigueur, hole short but not so easy, the obstacle to the left of the green arrives very quickly.Place yourself on the left side of the fairway, then opt on the right according to your faceoff."

"The postage stamp of the course, be careful not to be too long because the practice is out of limit."

"By 5 very difficult in Dogleg left, play calmly on the faceoff. The strategy is needed to pass this water obstacle that cuts the fairway diagonally."

"Do not get distracted by the water hazards of this little Par 3, play the middle distance from the green."

"Fairway lightly sloping from left to right.On the stake, aim 10m to the left of the V-shaped tree"

"Fairway downhill from right to left, be it safe on the right, or hit the green on the right."

"Fairway downhill from right to left, be it safe on the right, or hit the green on the right."

"Your face-off will set your 2nd move because the airway shrinks to 80m, then opens, do not be impressed, it's a Par 5. Enjoy the beautiful ride to the 13"

"Align yourself on the bunker of the putting green, then play the green on the left side"

"Avoid the right side, better to be short to the left because the difference in altitude on this side brings the ball back to the green, be careful of the players on the next start."

"Play on the left side of the fairway, good players will be able to cut the dogleg over the trees, the green is slightly elevated."

"Take advantage of the view before choosing the right tactic, it is better to be before the crossing path or 10 m ahead because the fairway is narrowing and the attack on the green is wide."

"Play the left side of the green, the hole is longer on the right side."

"Are you well fed to play this long par 4 uphill? Align yourself slightly to the right of the tree on the left and attack on the right this green and very little steep towards the bunker."



Being a member of the Chateau d'Humières Golf is much more than just a right of play, it is also the opportunity to participate in a life of essential club and benefit from benefits and services for more pleasure.

Full Membership

                                                              Individual (7 days /7) ....... 1 813 €
                                                                  Couple (7 days /7) ......  2 914 €

Mid-week Membership

Individual  (Monday to Friday) ..... 1 365 €
Couple  (Monday to Friday) ......... 2 226 €



35-40 years .....................1 408 

35-40 years Couple ........2 152 €

26-34 years ....................1 003 €

26-34 years Couple .... 1 390 €

19-25 years ..................606 €

19-25 years Couple .....912 €

6-18 ans : ....................203  €

A discount of 20% will be proposed for the first year of subscription



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Sport Association

You discover the activity of golf?

Do you want to meet new people?

Do you want to progress?

Are you a confirmed sports golfer?

You want to participate in competitions in a courteous and friendly atmosphere?


So many good reasons to join the As Golf of Château d'Humières


Contribute to AS, gives you advantages

Reduced gaming fees

Endowments and conviviality during competitions

Training at the best price with the pro for young team players for whom membership in AS is mandatory.












The activities of the AS:

- The AS manages the sports activities of the club, establishes the calenrier of the competitions and ensures the follow-up of the results in agreement with the Direction


- AS warmly welcomes newcomers, beginners, and encourages them to participate in the sporting life of the club.


- The AS is available to our Pro for one-off assistance to young golfers.


- The AS, in partnership with the Directorate of Golf and National Education, is setting up school golf for cycle 3 students;


The Rules Committee of the AS is committed to respecting the rules and etiquette to convey a positive image of golf and our club.


The AS represents you at the FFG, the League and the Departmental Committee and participates in training offered by the League.


Being part of AS means ensuring the longevity of our sport


Find all the activity of the AS here



Château d'Humières Golf offers you its 2018 competition calendar.

This schedule is provisional and will be updated regularly.


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