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Come to discover the game of Golf with Pro Hervé Rossignol.

State Graduate Teacher, Former Professional Player.


Start golf in Ivory Coast, at the age of 8 years.


Foursome French Champion at 18 years old.

Professional Player at the age of 19.

Participates in many tournaments on all continents.

Begins teaching golf at 30 at the Golf de Fontenailles

Teacher at the Château d'Humières Golf since 2006.


Energize the Golf School a little more through competition

Insert in the club competitions a ranking for youth.

Create beginners games in Pitch and Putt 9 holes.






The formula GOLF DECOUVERTE offers you the opportunity to introduce you to golf and allows you to learn in 2 months the basics but also to train at will to the practice of this beautiful sport leisure.


You can therefore, without committing yourself in the long term, taste the pleasures of Golf and Nature, and perhaps let you convince.


The DISCOVER GOLF package 360 ​​euros from 4 to 6 months:

1h30 lessons per week, 12 sessions

40% discount on 5 courses of 9 holes on the course


In this package is included access to golf facilities, (driving range, putting green, approach area)








The fundamentals of the Movement (grip, posture, pendulum ....)

Different phases of play (putting, approaches, bunker)

Golf tags (rules, behavior in the field)

Guided tour


At the end of this package, the passage of the green card, you can be proposed. Must be the holder of the FFG license. Expire 20 euros registration fee.








The Château d'Humières Golf School allows young people to discover the practice of golf and to perfect the joys and pleasures of golf, a real physical sport where precision and concentration are essential. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays according to the rhythm of the school year.


The balls are at will. The putting green, the training bunker, and the zone of approaches make it possible to be concrete and practical very quickly.


Regularly 9-hole competition formats are offered to young students of the Golf School.



Individual session 50 mn 45 €


Package 5 sessions 200 €

Validity 4 months technical follow-up of the swing


Package 10 sessions 380 €

Validity 8 months Mastery of Fundamentals


2h30 session on the course

Game Strategy, Etiquette, Rules, Special Course

1 person 90 €

2 people 70 €

3 people 60 €


YOUNG PEOPLE between 8 and 15 years old 45 mn

Individual session 25 €



Duo 1h 30 € / person

Duo Package 10 h 250 € / person

Trio 1h 25 € / person

Group 1h30 20 € / person


Route de Gournay - 60113 MONCHY-HUMIERES - Tel :

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Parcours 18 trous - Restaurant - Chambres d'Hôtes


Route de Gournay - 60113 MONCHY-HUMIERES - Tel :

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Parcours 18 trous - Restaurant - Chambres d'Hôtes